Hi Shane! I'm looking into getting a Monoprice monitor for my gaming rig (Based in part by your recommendation!). Do you know if they ever/how often they go on sale? They're on sale now, but it's only about $30 off. I'm not sure if that's as much as I could hope for for them... » 3/14/14 2:13pm 3/14/14 2:13pm

Because EB Games and Gamestop merged. Instead of changing everything to one name, they did the smarter thing and kept the most popular name for the area. So, I'm guessing at the time EB Games was either the only or the more popular name between the two in Canada. You might not think it makes a difference, but it… » 3/13/14 3:00pm 3/13/14 3:00pm

Stephen, many of the best conversations we have here at Kotaku come up when European and American voices collide. Won't this take away from that? I like how Kotaku is in part an awesome way for us to share our experiences in different cultures/parts of the world. The more versions of Kotaku, the more this is lost.… » 3/13/14 9:52am 3/13/14 9:52am